Home, sweet home

Location: Herzeiya

Property: a 120 sq.m. penthouse apartment with a 60 sq.m. balcony

Owners: a couple in their 50s

Design and Styling: Meital Zimber

Photography: Eran Gur


Efficient planning that meets the needs, monochromatic colors with hints of pink, mint green and blue and wooden elements that bring in plenty of warmth are just some of the features of the penthouse apartment designed by interior designer Meital Zimber, who shares the planning process

In recent years, apartment buildings  renovation projects (“Tama 36”) in the central area have produced quite a few designed apartments that are worth dwelling on, one of them is this penthouse apartment for a couple in their 50s, whose children have already grown up and set out on their own, which was designed by interior designer Meital Zimber. "The penthouse apartment is part of an addition of one floor in an existing building located in one of the quiet neighborhoods of Herzliya, that went through a renovation project. The couple started the process alone and pretty quickly I also got involved in the project," recalls the designer. "We decided to give up one of the bedrooms in order to create a large and luxurious public space where they can host friends and family, their children and in the future also their grandchildren. We created an impressive dining area, and increased the area of the living room and the kitchen. One of the reasons for the couple to choose Zimber's services is the way she combines colors in space: "The rationale was to produce an apartment in delicate and soft tones – they wished to have a country house look to it – and for this purpose, alongside the mostly light shell, we combined elements of wood and shades of the sea to which I added touches of pink in the accessories, textiles and lighting elements, shades that introduce tenderness and joy." In order to strengthen the feeling of warmth, Zimber chose to cover the floor in the entire apartment (except for the bathrooms) with natural oak parquet: "We used two different types of parquet to create a look as eclectic and organic as possible – panels of natural oak combined with oak panels with a more rough and rustic look. We mixed between them and that's how an authentic and natural look was obtained." Upon opening the front door, we will discover the living room: "We chose two sofas upholstered in fabric in a bluish-gray shade, with the truncated back of each of them creating an interesting look from every angle and optimal flow in the entire area. Next to them we combined a bench upholstered in fabric with a tribal pattern, similar to that of the carpet. In the center we placed two round tables in different sizes and heights, in a light concrete tone." The exit to the large balcony is made through the large glass: "In the circumference, we integrated flower boxes with a concrete finish – a shade that enhances the diverse vegetation that includes fruit trees, flowering bushes and spice plants. We chose to pave the entire area with parquet-like porcelain granite tiles that practically continue the design concept of the apartment. The outside kitchen and the BBQ are located next to the window in order to optimize the work between the exterior and the interior – this way products and accessories can be moved directly and without running around. The couple and guests also enjoy a large dining area, a lounge area and a bar counter that was installed as part of the railing and looks out towards the urban landscape." Back inside, the dining area, located next to the living room, is an important and central part of the space, especially for times when family and friends come to stay: "since the couple hosts a lot, I designed a large sideboard in a greenish blue tone, the doors of which have CNC-engraved patterns. The sideboard is rich in storage spaces and combines closed compartments in its lower part, a wooden resting surface in the center and corrugated glass that reveals the contents in an implicit and soft way. The table was created by a master carpenter as it was important to give the area a different and unique look. We combined together with the natural oak plate a narrower and dark unit from split oak and matched the table with comfortable and rounded acrylic chairs." On the entrance wall of the apartment there is a console that continues and connects to the kitchen space at the back of the apartment and is only partially visible to the public space: "The furniture we designed turns into a dining counter in the kitchen area that includes storage areas, a high wall and a work surface large enough for preparations and cooking. The colors are mostly light (mint light shade) and as such they intensify the dimension of light. We matched it with wooden elements that add warmth." Just before entering the foyer of the rooms, Zimber designed an intimate corner for changing and reading, with two comfortable armchairs upholstered in fabric above which an impressive photo from the owners’ collection has been placed. "In the vestibule we created a large niche for storage and there are also family photos and souvenirs that the couple collected during their travels around the world." "The private area includes the study, the guest room, the general bathroom and the luxurious master bedroom with a large and bright dark-framed wall cabinet that enhances the light colors in its casing and contrasts  the bright pink shade chose for the dresser opposite. The bed is upholstered in fabric and we created designer bedsheets that is consistent with the overall color palette." "For the bathroom, parquet-like tiles in a dirty white shade were picked. We created a built-in bench in the double shower and for the bath cabinet we chose white fronts and a wooden surface, above which a sink rests."